These are the officers of the Barony of Dun Or. Click on the officer badge for contact information for that office.

Baron and Baroness: THLord Ian Glic MacRobert & THLady Theresia diu Harpfarin

Arts & Sciences: Lady Edith of Arbroath

Chatelaine: Torquil Seamus of the Dragon’s Lair
: Einin Ciarnait of the Dragon’s Lair

Chronicler: Baintighearna Lasairfhíona inghean Fhaoláin mhic Leóid

Constable: Lord Colyn mac Labhruinn

Exchequer: THL Rufus McDaniel

Herald: THLady Honour Grenehart

Guardian of the Crescents: Vacant

Lists: Einin Ciarnait of the Dragon’s Lair

Marshal: Lady Kolfinna kottr
for Archery: Master Tuvor Sabledrake
for Fence: Baron Kelan McBride

Seneschal: Baron Colm Kile of Lochalsh

Webwright: Lady Kolfinna kottr